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Self and Peer Evaluation Self Evaluation: My speech on Jumbo the elephant was decently presented overall but did contain several mistakes. The opening was meant to be intriguing and emotional to catch the audience. I failed at keeping a slow pace and adding dramatic pauses due to nerves and fear of going over the time limit given. I attempted eye contact with the audience through out and managed it better than I have in the past. I tried my best with giving some body language but definitely needed to give a lot more. The topic was more emotional in the beginning and called for a mournful emotion which I believe I gave. During the rest of the speech my emotions should of been more cheerful. Holding cue cards made it hard to give any hand gestures…show more content…
Her opening was strong and brought in the audience very well. Her use of quotes and audio were very impactful. Kimm managed to give eye contact to some of the audience but focused a lot of Jeff and less on her peers. Her emotion was very serious throughout the presentation but she did manage to show a more cheerful emotion and smile. She used her hands quiet well and her posture was perfect. Kimm spoke at a good volume and was clear with her pronunciation and had very little verbal tics. Kimm did speed up her speech and lost her train of thought a few times, definitely from nerves. Her closing had an excellent ending which was relatable and captivating to the audience. Kimm only went a few seconds over the time limit given. The best part of her presentation was her ability to keep the speech flowing with well thought out audio and visuals. The weakest part of her presentation would be the moments when the nerves got the best of her causing problems with her voice control and her lack of eye contact with the entire audience. Studying her speech more and having less need for her cue cards would be the best way for Kimm to improve her speech next

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