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She grabbed her rifle cautiously, just to be sure. She held the torch in her right hand and the rifle in her left. Mma Ramotswe slowly walked towards the water. The yellow dog remained quiet. She noticed something in the water and pointed her torch at it. It was a dead body that smelled even more offensive than the dog. Mma Ramotswe approached it carefully and immediately noticed a blunt trauma on it, the trauma seemed to be have made by a staff. This got her thinking about the Reverend’s behaviour, how anxiously he spoke and behaved. The high likelihood of this body being Peter Malatsi also crossed her mind. The body was clearly male and its age also matched Rra Malatsi’s. The trauma on the body seemed to match the Reverend’s staff. Mma Ramotswe decided to report her discovery to the police so that they could come and pick…show more content…
Small amounts of rain drops were falling on Mma Ramotswe head, but this didn’t bother her at all. The door creaked open and there Mma Malatsi stood in her nightgown. ’’Good evening, Mma Malatsi. Sorry to pop in unannounced, but your husband has passed on. I am sorry for your loss,’’ Mma Ramotswe said in…show more content…
She knew that the Reverend was a man who would not get away easily because of his age. She also knew that the dog had to be returned to her neighbour. Mma Ramotswe had to make a choice, then again the dog could wait but the wrongdoer couldn’t. She made her way towards the church of the fourth group of Christians. The road was muddy and difficult to drive, but Mma Ramotswe never complained while working, never. She took her handcuffs to her jacket’s pocket and took out her rifle just in case. She noticed the Reverend preparing for the morning mass via the window. Mma Ramotswe walked towards the church stealthily, trying not to get caught. She opened the huge church doors and held her rifle ready to fire if

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