Marissa Williams Reflection

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The presentations of the different areas of biology and sciences were presented in an informative and organized fashion; however, the overall presentations felt a little rushed between all of the presenters and the information that was conveyed throughout their presentations. From the beginning, it started off at a nice pace by Mollie W. Jewett, but as the presentations went on, the power points seemed to move a lot quicker and the presenters spoke quickly and rushed through their information that they were going to tell the class about. Although I cannot say that it was their fault, everything seemed to have come too quickly for me to process all the information briefly given. With that said, it was nice to hear about how they got to their current positions and nice to know that they were in the same boats as us when deciding a direction that they wanted to partake in life. It was also interesting to find out what…show more content…
As she told us about her internships opportunities and how she was referred to different positions by various people, I felt like there was just too much information crammed into what little time was allotted for her presentation. Marissa Williams also said that as she moved up in her career, she spent more time in the office, rather than outdoors near the lakes, which is similar to what O*Net said about Natural Science Managers, where they spend quite a bit of time in the office to plan and propose projects along with developing various policies and proposals for her city’s environment. Although I did not really know what exactly she did, it was interesting to know that she took advantage of her internships to network and develop possibilities for other

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