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Juvenile courts provide protection and security for juveniles. They do this by keeping a private courtroom. They allow the juveniles to not be noticed by the press and be called criminals for life. They help the juveniles with home placement if they are in danger at their house (McGuire, 2010, Para. 1). The juveniles who use juvenile court are not being exposed to what criminal court is really like so they are being. By doing this, the juveniles are not being as mentally affected. Also this allows them to have some dignity when they are on trial (McGuire, 2010, Para. 1). Juvenile courts also protect the public interest. They protect the juveniles from being classified in the public eye. It allows the privacy to the juveniles so that they are not branded criminals. It gives the…show more content…
1). Juvenile courts are better for the juveniles because they use certain programs for juveniles that normal courts would not use. These programs consist of shock camp and boot camp. Juvenile courts try to rehabilitate the juveniles not punish them as they do in criminal courts. The juvenile courts also give the juveniles training to advance their skills as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, construction workers and other forms of trades. Lastly they will also give the juveniles forms of treatment for there problems with other juveniles (McGuire, 2010, Para. 1). Juveniles are given the same rights as adults when they are arrested. The parents or guardians are immediately notified among arrest. You are either held in a juvenile detention center or you are sent home to your parents. The following day the juvenile is sent to court to determine if the juvenile could have possibly committed the crime. If

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