California Earthquake Research Paper

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Earthquake Disasters in California Introduction Earthquake is a natural disaster that involves the movement of the Earth’s crust. These movements generate enough energy to cause tremor activities that varies on type, size, and duration. This tremors shifts the Earth’s surface causing the foundation of building and building to collapse. Aside from buildings and bridges collapsing, it disrupt the functions of development, such as gas pipes, electrical system, and phones services. In addition, it can be a pre-cursor for other disasters such as avalanche, landslides, flash floods, fires, and tsunamis. According to Veenema (2013), an earthquake, generally considered to be the most destructive and frightening of all forces of nature, is a sudden,…show more content…
For earthquake disasters, the characteristic of the populations that are most vulnerable to the destructive power of this type of disasters are usually the high concentration of population and businesses. For example, the San Francisco Bay Area, Delta regions and Central Valley, and along the Pacific Coast (California Emergency Management Agency, 2009). For age group, children, disabled, and elderlies are often at high risk for injuries during and after an earthquake. For elderly and disabled, they are unable to react quickly and take measures to prevent injuries during an earthquake. They are also at risk after an earthquake disaster due to the possibility of disease outbreak. Elderlies and children have low or developing immune systems to combat infectious diseases, in result, both these age group have high probability of contracting infectious diseases when an outbreak…show more content…
Majority of other disasters such as tsunami, volcanic eruptions, fire, floods, and avalanche are sometimes initiated by the movement of the Earth’s crust. These energy then produces tremors and shifts the Earth’s surface causing disruption. On land, earthquakes caused infrastructures to crumble, while in the ocean, it may cause massive oceanic wave (tsunami) depending on severity of the earthquake. During the 2011, a tsunami waves generated by a magnitude of 9.0 earthquake of the coast of Japan ravaged the harbor in Northern California’ Crescent City, destroying, pilings, and sinking 16 boats after ripping them from their docks, while the victims are relaying on disaster relief programs (Drange, 2011). Also, on 1994, the earthquake in Northridge, California caused an endemic of CM affecting the Ventura

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