Candide Satire

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“Ignorance has always been the weapons of tyrants; enlightenment the salvation of the free.” (Richardson). Many acts of violence and moral wrong doing has taken place in the 1700s and is very well shown in the book Candide by Voltaire. Voltaire has experienced the hardship of living with all the wicked laws made by the government and Catholic Church. In the eighteenth century the age of Enlightenment came into play with philosophies of science, developing a more cultural life with better morals, and equality .Voltaire's novel Candide shows that life is tough and very harsh but through the influence of the Enlightenment Candide believes that it all is happening for a reason and will get better. The novel Candide has many satirical views on…show more content…
Many philosophies at that time stated that the world well get better through the people and how they act together. With this system of government getting close to better world was impossible. In the novel Candide adored a woman with high standards in the royal class while Candide was in the middle class. He was caught kissing her and was immediately banished. That scene alone proved that getting closer to a better world was impossible since getting banished was that easy. Candide then found out that the girl and the noble family was conquered and now struggling to live. Candide saved his beloved Cunégonde and ran into her brother in a different country. Admitting all that happened and rescuing Cunégonde Candide asked if he could get married with her and immediately refusing his offer because of his status Candide acted in a matter of violence and stabbed him. At the end of the novel her brother was alive and was still against the marriage even though they are not living on the high status as they were before and eventually Candide was married. Voltaire did not support some ideas of the Enlightenment era like having people come together making the world a better place and also the optimism they had on
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