Julius Caesar Accomplishments

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There were many great figures for Rome during the early time periods, but one of the most famous and radical was the great Julius Caesar. He was a famous general and friend to most but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have enemies. He lived along life but it was cut short due to some conflicts and enemies gained along the way. He was an amazing general that was given praise for transforming the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar was a politically adept and popular leader of the Roman Republic. While it is uncertain due to the major time difference it's estimated that Julius Caesar was born in Rome on July 12 or 13, 100 BC. He didn’t come from a rich family but he came from a very proud and wealthy minded family. When Caesar was 16 his father, Gaius Caesar,…show more content…
Following the death of Sulla, Caesar returned to Rome to begin his career in politics as a prosecuting advocate. He relocated temporarily to Rhodes to study philosophy, but during his travels there was kidnapped by pirates. In a daring display of his negotiation and counter-insurgency tactics, he convinced his captors to raise his ransom. He then organized a naval force to attack them. The pirates were captured and executed. His stature was enlarged further in 74 BC when he put together a private army, this brought attention to enemies suck as king of Pontus, who had declared war on Rome. When Caesar returned to Rome he began to work with Pompey, a former lieutenant under Sully, who'd switched sides following the dictator's death. Not long after, in 68 or 69 BC, Caesar was elected quaestor (a base political office) and then went to serve in several other key government positions under Pompey. Giving him most political and physical power to do as he saw…show more content…
The republicans all had planned the attack weeks before the actual attempt. All quickly unsheathed their daggers and rushed at him. First Servilius Casca struck him with the point of the blade on the left shoulder a little above the collar-bone. He had been aiming for that, but in the excitement he missed. Caesar rose to defend himself, and in the uproar Casca shouted out in Greek to his brother. The latter heard him and drove his sword into the ribs. After a moment, Cassius made a slash at his face, and Decimus Brutus pierced him in the side. While Cassius Longinus was trying to give him another blow he missed and struck Marcus Brutus on the hand. Minucius also hit out at Caesar and hit Rubrius in the thigh. They were just like men doing battle against him. After the amazing amount of wounds, he fell at the foot of Pompey's statue. Everyone wanted to seem to have had some part in the murder, and there was not one of them who failed to strike his body as it lay there, until, wounded thirty-five

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