Julius Caesar: The Most Impactful Man In Roman History

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Julius Caesar was one of the most impactful men in Roman History who would rise to fame through an obsession to be the supreme leader of Rome and have a lasting legacy. Gaining this Godlike legacy was no easy task especially for a boy who was born in a time of turmoil in 100 B.C. Caesar was birthed into an aristocratic family with his father as a member of the senate. It would seem through his father he would have an easy rise to power, but his wealth was ripped away and he became a common citizen. Miracously, Caesar would be persistent and throughout the years his undeniable drive would help him reach the top of roman politics and maybe some day, rule an empire. The young Julius Caesar was born in the marvelous city of Rome July 13, 100 B.C.…show more content…
Caesar made many rash and risky political plays in order to obtain the highest position in government (I Caesar 34). One of Caesar’s renowned political plays were marrying woman of nobility in order to slyly steal their wealth (Ancient history Encyclopedia). Caesar hadn’t become such a crafty man over night; he had been molded and shaped by numerous events and people in his life. Maybe one of the greatest influences in his life was his father. Julius’s father was a praetor and a member of the populares, which is a party in the senate (Ancient History Encyclopedia). Julius would have ventured to the doors of many senate meetings and would be intranced by the senator’s political speech (I Caesar 36). His father also taught him politics, public speaking, and writing (Ancient history Encyclopedia). Through his father, Julius would have a much easier way to gain power quickly through his father. Instead of this happening, another influencer would come into Caesar life that would take everything he held dear; his name was Sulla, Rome’s first dictator (Ancient History Encyclopedia). When Julius was 18 years of age there was a civil war between two rivaling parties. Julius’s party was defeated by Sulla allowing Sulla to become dictator and to rip all money and government positions from his family (I Caesar 27). This caused…show more content…
With Caesars militaristic empire, it allowed the spread of Christianity, united Europe for the first time, and developed a culture that would affect us even till this day [Grabsky57]. Caesar introduced military tactics in Gaul and introduced Britain into the timeline of the west [Grabsky 57]. Exposing it to be modernized and in the future affect many countries around the world [madefrom.com]. Caesar was extremely intelligent and a renowned scholar, writing many books still referenced today. Caesars life and accomplishments are recounted in movies and plays created by Shakespeare [madefrom.com]. Caesar also created a political play called Caesarian, which was used by Mussolini and napoleon [madefrom.com]. Titles like Tsar or Kaiser are derived from his family name Caesar [madefrom.com]. Gaius Julius Caesar wanted to be godlike and live-forever and through his influence on the ancient world and the world today his legacy will live forever and he will never

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