Secret History By Procopius Summary

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Shameless women Secret history was written by Procopius a bishop of Caesaria and probable is written c. 550. Procopius is famous writer, his book were appreciated but were not as interesting as his book on emperor Justinian and his wife Theodora. Even when spending amount of time writing this scandal book Procopius had no intention of ever publishing this book, in secret history by Procopius he talked in negative way about Justinian. Even when Justinian consider the greatest of Byzantine emperors, Procopius looked down on him in negative way especially his wife Theodora, Why is Procopius not very fond of Theodora? Procopius put whole chapter on why he did not like Justinian and thinks he is bad leader and does not know how to manage and spend money wisely. Justinian was never honest with anyone. And basically he does not have his own idea he is not confident about what he is doing and just, and bad at making good decision, he will not hear people if they came with suggestions. Justinian also was jealous of people who are wealthy and would take all their money leaving people with no money. The first thing Justinian did when he became the emperor of Byzantine is spending all the money without restraint. Justinian is…show more content…
Theodora constantly cloth in a little tunic with sleeves waiting for her sister to come home. Theodora older sister Comito has reached her youth and performs on the stage and had already become one of the leading hetaerae (a high class mistress). That led Procopius to looks down on Theodora and speak in a negative way toward her. For example, When Procopius mentions that she has no shame, and she will do anything for the audience like handcuff and slap her. And she was frequently pregnant but she would use every artifice to have miscarriage. (pg:

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