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Jane Goodall is a 19th century scientist who is believed to be one of the most influential scientist of all time. Recently she has began to teach children and adults, alike, about the harm humans are causing to the environment. She has became an advocate for the need to improve human techniques to keep animals, the environment, and our world safe. Jane Goodall has also dedicated herself to the Jane Goodall Institution. Though Goodall is human, she has dedicated her life to the well being and research of the animal kingdom, most specifically the wild Gombe chimpanzees in Tanzania. Jane Goodall was born on April 3rd, 1934. She was the daughter of racecar driver, Mortimer Herbert Morris-Goodall and Margaret Myfanwe Morris-Goodall(Joseph). She…show more content…
It all started when her mother, Vanne, gave her a stuffed animal monkey name Jumbilee (Bardhan-Quallen). Ever since the attachment formed, Jane became closer and closer to the environment and the creatures that lived among the earth, water, and sky. At one time Jane brought a whole hand full of worms inside, from the garden, and laid them on her bed and laid down next to them. Another time, Jane was collecting sea shells when the family had taken a vacation to the beach. It turned out that the shells were actually snails, and Jane’s mother told her that the snails would die if they were not returned to the sea. Jane cried and panicked and made everyone help her collect the snails so they could return them to the sea. Her feats of environmental exploration and salvation continued through her…show more content…
The foundation is used to teach adults and children about the harm humans are causing to the environment and natural habitats. The institute also funds research, such as the research of the American whooping crane. Goodall expressed her fascination with this species in the article titled “Jane Goodall Sees ‘Hope For Animals’” by stating that at one time the species had been reduced to 27 individuals, and has risen to hundreds after only a few decades (Raz). Goodall’s foundation also supported further research of chimpanzees, and an experiment in 2007 even revealed that chimps could outperform college student on memory tests (Lowe). The foundation is also used to book dates for Goodall to speak to schools, and other audiences, including the students of Agnes Irwin. Khalil Williams writes about the speech that Goodall gave to students when she was 81 years old, and Goodall spoke of the hope for the future and activism for the environment (Williams). The head of the school Wendy Hill was reported saying that, “I think that her message of hope and leadership inspired a lot of girls here,” (Williams). Goodall’s life, foundation, and research have changed this world for the greater

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