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Outsiders There are times in life you have to make tough choices. In one of the greatest young adult novels, the outsiders by S.E. Hinton, there are plenty pieces of advice given by the greasers to help other greasers in life. Dallas Winston is a big boy who seems to not care about anybody but he actually deep downs cares. Ponyboy should take Dally’s advice because dally has a lot of life experiencing in the gang, he is older and wiser than Johnny, and he is always looking out for Ponyboy. Dally has always looked out for everybody in the gang especially Pony. Dallas is a man who you can trust to tell anything. Like after Johnny and Ponyboy went to the church Johnny is nervous. So in response on Pg. 65 Ponyboy says “Nobody but Dally would know where we are, and he couldn’t say anything because he’d get jailed again for giving us a gun.” This shows that Dally can keep a secret and ensure everybody’s safety. When the church catches on fire and Ponyboy goes in to try and save the kids dally stays outside. He sees something on Pg.93 and says” For Pete’s sake, get outta there. That roofs gonna cave in any minute.” This shows dally is keeping the gang safe because he wants to ensure that Ponyboy makes It out safe and sound. Dallas…show more content…
Dally is in the hospital and then comes to the rumble. He fights in it and then after that dally and pony boy go to the hospital to see Johnny. On Pg. 146 pony said “dally has Buck Merrill t-bird parked in front of our house.” So if Dally can drive a car he is over 17 and Johnny is only 16. Also in the book when they introduced Dally they on Pg.11 pony saysDallas Winston is originally from New York City. He is a bit tougher than the others in the gang, and at 17 he has already seen the inside of a jail.” This proves that dally is 17 years old and has now been able to see what jails like. Dallas is older than Johnny and has been to different places and seen thin that help home become

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