Aileen In The Film Monster

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Have you ever had to do whatever you could or had to do to make ends meet for you or your love ones? Aileen would say so. In the 2003 film titled “Monster” Aileen grew up to be a prostitute to make ends meet to support her and her girlfriend Selby. Aileen’s Behavior reflected on the way she was raised. She was brought up by her father showing her that raping was ok, her grandfather sexually molested her when she was little. Meanwhile as Aileen grows up to become a alcoholic in which where stain theory plays a role, Recent advances in the understanding of the genetic, neurochemical, behavioral and cultural underpinnings of addiction have led to rapid advances in the understanding of addiction as a disease. Aileen’s past contributed to her well beings as…show more content…
She fell in love with Selby after an altercation between them two over Selby wanting to buy Aileen a drink. Aileen Enjoyed the love and support Selby has given Aileen. Having the love and Affection from Selby made Aileen realize that’s all she needed was love and Support from someone else. Until one day Aileen and Selby want to run away together and had no Money. In this situation “life story” money does buy happiness, for Aileen and Selby. Aileen Went back to prostituting to indulge herself and Selby with motels and to support there to keep them happily together, at this point Aileen was so in love with Selby that she couldn’t see her live without her. The relationship that Aileen and Selby have now is what could have kept Aileen out of suffering decision making she cause for her adult life. Here on out every client that Aileen retains was robbed and shot, some was before sexual encounters and some was after. She even stole there vehicles leaving them for dead at the spot of the scene most of them in wooded areas. Hours gone and every Aileen was coming home to Selby with a new vehicle Selby new something was wrong. Selby read in

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