Code Blue: Differences Between Nurses And Masks

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Code Blue “Code Blue! Code Blue!” The announcer yelled over the intercom as sirens began to go off. It was just a typical night in the ER, no patients in the waiting lobby, a perfect time to sit down and take a break. It has only been a month since I started my job as an Emergency Room Tech. I look across the hallway and see a few of my fellow nurses tend to a patient in room 28 looking concerned and suddenly I see them change into isolation gowns and masks. I could hear the beeping of the heart rate monitor begin to slow down, then hear it go into a flat line. As I get up from my seat to see what was going on, I hear one of the nurses yell, “Call a Code!” Suddenly the intercom and sirens sound off “Code Blue! Code Blue! I dart over to the

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