Love And Hate In The Jamestown Colony Summary

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In the article of "Love and Hate in the Jamestown Colony," David A. Price illustrated the readers what it was like for the colonists for their first resettlement immersed in Virginia's colony with Native Americans. Around 1606, the colony of Virginia's Jamestown was established by the people who try to seek gold from England. In this article, Price introduced two recognizable characters named Captain John Smith and Pocahontas; which from the popular movie of this century - confirmed that Smith and Pocahontas were in love with each other. However, Price took the controversy from the movie and justified the interesting facts that both Smith and Pocahontas were not in an affair of one another. During the voyage, Smith and his crew had to suffer along the way from the starvation and had faced death. In addition, their unfortunate arrival in Virginia lead some of the colonists to face death because of starvation, food poisoning, the condition of the environment, and season changes. So by the time when they met Native Americans, Smith new a way how to deal with Native American for their continuity. However, later on the battle broke out between the Natives and Colonists because Natives no longer…show more content…
As Smith was a captain of the Virginia and as Powhatan was the Chief of Native's tribe, the battle was tough. However, in Smith's case, he got away from Powhatan's tribe because he had some knowledge of military experience and knew how to treat Native Americans. After the following year, Pocahontas traveled alone through the forest to Smith and tell Smith that her father had ordered his men to come and kill him. So, as the author stated that the love and hate in Jamestown became clearer. Smith gave thanks to her by giving her some beads and trinkets as he would normally do to the Natives, but she did not accept it. Pocahontas knew enough that if her father know about this and he would kill her, so she also had to run

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