Hillary Montgomery Apology

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Cartoonist Glenn McCoy published a political cartoon about one of the presidential candidates Hillary Clinton on September 10th 2015. The cartoon focuses on a recent incident of Mrs. Clinton. She not only uses a personal email account and sever when she was the secretary of the state , but also deleted some e-mails she consider “personal” before hand them in to the state department for investigation. After realizing this incident has become a scandal and may affect her running, Hillary Clinton speaks in public, saying that although what she did “was allowed”, she could have done a better job, and she is “sorry that this has been confusing to people.” Hillary is right, this whole e-mail situation is a mess. However, the apology…show more content…
Is she just trying to say something to get over with the incident? She is probably thinking: “Come on guys, back on topic, trying to run for president here, don’t let some discarded e-mail affect your choice.” Glenn McCoy’s cartoon highlights Hillary’s apology and the cartoonist show his opinion of the apology by letting the Hillary in the cartoon winks when she’s apologizing. I believe this cartoon is designed to show that Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted and people should not vote for her, and it sends a strong message and statement, I feel the same way that the apology is not sincere and Hillary may not even take her problem seriously. The cartoon speaks out many people’s minds and make others who hold different opinions start to think and question their point of views. This cartoon is just a guess of Hillary’s mental activity and a description of the idea, but it somehow has a possibility to make voters think twice before they vote, in that case, this cartoon is not only effective, but also…show more content…
The huge face of Hillary Clinton fills out the whole cartoon, the rest of the picture is just darkness and the signature of the cartoonist. The caricature highlights her cheek, chin, nose, hairstyle and the earring, makes audiences able to tell who the woman in the picture is. However, her hair color is gray and there are way too many wrinkles on her face, it makes her looks more aged than she really is, and more bad-looking as well. In the picture there is a small talk bubble on the top left side with the word “sorry” in it, shows that Hillary is apologizing for the e-mail incident. But in this cartoon, Hillary is also winking at the same time while saying she is sorry, shows that she doesn’t mean what she says. What’s more, the mouth of Hillary is not even open in the cartoon, just like she is doing ventriloquism, the words come out but there’s no sign of her lips moving at all. The deep dimples on the side of her mouth give me an impression that she is even trying to use force to keep her mouth shut. Her facial expression makes her looks calm and relaxed, display that she might not have much emotion about the incident and the apology. In this cartoon, Hillary is wearing a blue and white uniform, which tells me she dresses like she’s in a formal occasion. All these content in this

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