John Proctor Courageous

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There is many dynamic characters in several stories across the world of stories but we are going to talk about only one of them from The Crucible. His name is Rev. John Hale who came to salem to defeat witches or least find some but there was none to find or defeat just several people not happy with their lives.The categories are going to be are. How was he weak or ; how he was courageous, or how he spoke the truth in that order. The way where he was unbelievably weak are actually all threw out the entire play but finally at the end he put on his man pants. Right at the beginning he was tricked so easily by the girls with a fake performance. After that became basically a slave for the the court unintentionally but it still happen and almost never attacked against the court until John Proctor was sent to jail. He had enough of this stupid court and left…show more content…
When first came here he was all about the minister didn’t care about anyone until the three girls tricked him hardcore and made him a pansy and not a true minister but that didn’t stop him from almost wrecking Abigail’s entire plan many times but at the same time is was himself holding him back from destroying her plan and realizing that everything is a fraud. It took the arrest of John Proctor for him to realize all the things he did were for naught. The thing here is that threw the entire play He was tricked, tricked and used by Abigail to do her bidding, and pretty much do exactly as she said without intentionally saying to him because he signed 72 death warrants. This is all do to the trickery of Abigail Williams. I’m sorry to be saying the same thing over and over but in different ways, but that is basically the entire play with him and slowly regaining his pride and dignity from Abigail. But right when he quit the court to me and my fellow colleagues that he really maned up or in simpler terms he finally put on his man
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