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Leila Zaki Ms. Flynn American Lit – Pd. 3 October 20, 2014 A Man is Not a Man Without His Name Arthur Miller's The Crucible tells a story of the 1692 Salem witchtrials. Miller uses the fear of having a bad name to frighten multiple characters in the play. A reputation is one of the most important things a person can have, it decides were a person stands in society and it can influence their future. Three characters, John Proctor, Thomas Danforth, and Reverend Parris all wish to maintain an upstanding reputation in Salem, because of their self pride. John Proctor is a rightious man who is willing to take his life if that means keeping a good reputation. Proctor has been a well respected and trustworthy citizen in Salem for so long; this is why it would be hard for him to give up his good name. He is also considered to be a tragic hero, his tragic flaw being his self pride this was first revealed in the discussion…show more content…
ELIZABETH: I do not judge you. The magistrate sits in your heart that judges you. I never thought you but a good man,”(Miller 67.) Elizabeth actually tells Proctor that she isn't mad at him but, that he is mad at himself. Proctor confuses his anger towards elizabeth with his anger towerds himself he has so much self shame that he forgets in order to feel truly forgiven that he must first forgive himself. He also fears what people may think that is why he is so reluctant to going to salem in the first place. he knows that the right thing to do would be to go to salem, but he also knows that if he goes he will have to confess his affair with Abigaile ruining his clean reputation. Proctors struggle to keep his good name is a reuccuring problem in the play. In proctors last days he is forced to face a deadly dission. Would he lie to save his life and ruin his good name, or die

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