The Crucible Analysis

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The Crucible written by Arthur Miller is a play about Witchcraft that is set in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. In the past, people were accused of witchcraft for unexplainable things. If someone was found practicing witchcraft, that person will be hanged. People who were accused of witchcraft had to make popular choices instead of the right choices for them to keep living. Accusations are put upon people so they could get away with trouble. And so the choices that the people had to make were important in the outcome of the events. John Proctor and Elizabeth were forced to make some popular choices but they often made the right choices for the benefit of others. John and Elizabeth Proctor were forced to make the right choices, but there were…show more content…
He tells the court about his affair with Abigail. John Proctor confessed that he ‘’have known her’’ (Page 100). John Proctor knows her, meaning that they had an affair. He acknowledges his affair to get rid of his sins, as well as trying to get rid of Abigail. Which led to his arrest for being a lecher. He loses his reputation. It affects his religion affected and his sin is let out. A few people know what he did. He ripped up the paper with his fake confession, which stated that he is a witch. After John signed the paper, he ‘’tears the paper and crumples it’’(Page 130). As a man who wants to protect his good name, he does not want Danforth the people in town to see the paper about his confession on the church door and know what he did wrong. In addition, he knows that his reputation is important for his family. He does not want his sons to think of him as a…show more content…
John accepts the consequences of his choices. Which is losing his good name and dying for the right reasons. He died for what he believed in and for what is right for him. This shows that there is some goodness in him. To him, what matters is forgiveness. He made the right choices to relieve himself from his sins. Elizabeth and John Proctor’s decision showed the love they have for each other. Their decisions are made for on another with good intentions. Elizabeth goodness is in her. She battled her inner self. Though John Proctor was accused of lechery, the respect and loyalty to her husband remains the

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