The Crucible John Proctor Character Analysis

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John Proctor: Honorable or Not? Try to imagine living in Salem, Massachusetts back in 1692 while the Salem Witch Trials were going on. John Proctor was a very popular and respected man in Salem until the trials started revealing other things about him. Even though the hunt was all a big hoax, it made it obvious that John Proctor was not an honorable man in a Puritan Community. All Puritans should obviously know all of the Bible’s Ten Commandments off the top of their heads. However, when Reverend Hale questioned Proctor about them, he could only name nine of the ten. Yes, he needed his wife to help him with the last. She had to remind him: “Adultery, John” and then he told Hale “You see, sir, between the two of us we do know them all.” (Miller, 173), trying to make it seem like everything was fine. This in its own makes John somewhat dishonorable. However, what makes it worse is he couldn’t remember adultery because he committed it!…show more content…
John chose to commit adultery with a teenage girl named Abigail, who used to be his servant. If it wasn’t for John having an affair with Abigail all of this may have not happened. A top reason that Abigail was acting that there were witches around is so that she could accuse John’s wife, Elizabeth, as a witch in hope that Elizabeth would get hanged and she could get back with John. When John figured out this was Abigail’s plan, he confessed to Lechery and other Puritans were in disgust and disbelief. Deputy Governor Danforth asked: “You-------you are a lecher?” and then Francis Nurse said: “John, you cannot say such a---” (Miller, 193). Proctor wasn’t all bad but he was still a dishonorable

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