Comparing The Crucible 'And The Scarlet Letter'

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Question 3 In the books The Crucible and The Scarlet Letter social class and a person’s role in society play a very important part of who they are as an individual and how they are seen by others. Two similar characters in these novels sacrifice their role in society and judgment of character to prove a point or to seek revenge on another person putting their own ethics in jeopardy. In The Crucible, John Proctor has been accused of committing adultery with Abigail Williams. John Proctor has to defend his good name and confess to his mistakes to be right with the people and accept his punishment. John values his name in society and takes a big risk by admitting his sin to the people. The reader can tell by John’s confession that he cares about the opinion of the people and wants free of guilt. John lacks the capability to forgive himself for what he did. John wishes to protect his good name and his respect and integrity along with it. This novel is telling the reader it is morally right to be honest.…show more content…
In The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne commits adultery with a minister and has a child. She is criticized and shunned by the people of the town and forced to wear a red “A” on her chest as punishment. The reason being is to reveal to everyone a symbol of her sin and degrade her personal principles. By bearing this red “A” Hester is accepting her burden and it reflects her values as a virtuous person even though she has sinned. By Hester not revealing the name of the minister it shows she is loyal and trust worthy and willing to take responsibility for her own

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