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"He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him!" ( -Elizabeth ) In the end, Elizabeth Proctor confronts what may be one of the most difficult choices one could make in regards to a person he or she loves. She tries her best to remain neutral when John is deciding whether or not to confess. It is she who makes the most prominent arguments for Proctor to accept his own death, despite her stated wish that she wants her husband to remain alive. The right choice was made when Elizabeth let John die. She had been his moral compass that eventually led John to realize that his life was not as important as his dignity. By stating he is a witch, John Proctor feels that by giving the court such a lie would make himself a fraud in the eyes of his loved ones, and a sinner in the…show more content…
. . . How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name!” John's strength brings him full circle in Miller's play and dies with the rectitude that once defined him as a human being. It is with this that I believe that John made the right choice by not confessing. In order to save himself from the sins he has made, John Proctor sacrifices his life. Elizabeth Proctor was asked to speak to John before his hanging and convince him to confess to practicing witchcraft. During their conversation, John revealed to her that it wasn't so important for him to lie in order save his life, because he believed that if he died, he would not die with honor. However, when given papers to sign which not only stated his confession but also listed the names of people who have been accused of witchcraft, it became important to him that he does not lie. Through this sacrifice, he has made up for all the sins he has made. He has redeemed himself and kept his soul. If John Proctor signed the confession, he would have had to live with the shame of contributing to the fate of dozens of victims who died in the Salem Witch

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