John D Rockefeller Accomplishments

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Isaac Amick Ms. Basso English I John D. Rockefeller Hard work and self-discipline are two very honorable qualities in a man. John D. Rockefeller was so influenced by these qualities that he stated “that it was a good thing to let money be my servant and not make myself a slave to the money…” (Biography: John D. Rockefeller). John D. Rockefeller was a powerful and innovative entrepreneur, had a monopoly on American oil industry in the 1800’s, and was a caring and generous humanitarian. Even from a very young age, John D. Rockefeller was a very entrepreneurial man. Anytime sums of money were to come his way, he would save every penny. “I can still see, upon the mantel,” he would tell the biographer, “the little box with the lattice top that I kept my money in, silver and gold.” (Segall 10). As a young boy, Rockefeller was always one to jump on opportunities to make money. When he was around the age of eight, he noticed a hen in the yard. For days, he followed and stalked the hen until he found its nest. One by one he took the eggs to a barn, and eventually brought the hen in to incubate the eggs. Once they hatched, he nurtured the babies until they were of age, and sold…show more content…
Even as a child, he would purchase pieces of candy in bulk sums, and he would sell these candies by the piece to his six siblings for wholesale retail price. It was through actions like this that Rockefeller has been defined as the man he was. By the age of twelve, he had made fifty dollars by doing odd jobs, and raising turkeys for his mother. With the advice of his mother, he loaned his money out to a farmer. He allotted a one-year payback term and charged the farmer a seven-percent interest on the money. When that year was up, Rockefeller had made his money back, and then some. With the onset of his upcoming adulthood, Rockefeller needed a job. He started his first official job at Hewitt & Tuttle as a bookkeeper at age
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