What Is The Titans's Worst Nightmare

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As the years went on in Carnegie's steel empire, other successful businessman like John Rockefeller and JP Morgan were also building onto their own empires. They needed their empires to be running smoothly as possible. However, life for the rest of the country could have been better. The presidential election of 1896 was very important to the "Titans" as Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Morgan were known as. The Titans wanted the president to be on their side and have it be able to keep their businesses running as they have always been. The democratic candidates name was William Jennings Bryan from Nebraska. He wanted to end the Titans empires and thought that they were not fair to the public. This was the Titans worst nightmare, because the president…show more content…
His company was worth millions of dollars and by the 1890's he had thoughts about selling it and retiring according to encyclopedia.com. He wanted to enjoy more of his hobbies and become a philanthropist. JP Morgan was a businessmen that wanted his company and could afford to buy it. In 1901, Carnegie wrote down his asking price of 480 million dollars to sell it and when one of his Carnegie's employees showed it to Morgan he accepted it. This was the moment that made Carnegie that richest man in the world, more than Rockefeller who was one of his rivals that he wanted to be more successful than. Morgan along with other steel companies all combines to form U.S. Steel Corporation. The largest corporation in American history worth over one billion dollars. Carnegie was the richest man in the world, but he did not keep it all for himself. He said, “The man who dies rich, dies disgraced.” One of his hobbies was reading and over two-thousand libraries were built because of him. The Carnegie Institute of Technology now known as Carnegie Mellon University was founded by Andrew Carnegie. He also gave 125 million dollars to a foundation called Carnegie Corporation which helped out colleges and schools. All in all Carnegie gave over ninety percent of his fortunes away to good causes which made him a

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