Johnny Cash: My Mother's Hymn Book

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On April 6, 2004, Lost Highway Records released one of Johnny Cash’s last musical performances, My Mother’s Hymn Book. None of the songs on this album are originals that he personally wrote, but they have a deeper, and more personal meaning to him. The fifteen songs on the album are songs out of his mother’s hymn book, just as the name of the album states. Once listening to the collection of songs, you can hear how personal the music is to him. The collection of songs are mostly acoustic guitar or just a few are a Capella. Johnny Cash, famously known as “The Man in Black”, was born on February 26, 1932 in Cleveland County, Arkansas. Throughout his childhood music was everywhere, from singing in the fields, in the Pentecostal Church of God,…show more content…
His loud deep voice kind of drowns out the sound, but one I played it through my ear buds I could really hear it. It is very fitting after the life style that Johnny Cash lead that he put this song on his album. There is a part on the song where it says “Though we have sinned, He has mercy and pardon, Pardon for you and for me” is true in not just his life, but in every one’s life. Johnny Cash did not live the best of lives, he had his problems, from the death of his brother, to the alcohol and narcotic binges, but throughout all of that he came out on top. At a young age he was saved as a Christian but in the prime of his hectic career he lost his faith and turned to narcotic use to keep up with the strenuous schedule. Once he got clean with the help of June Carter, they got married (had a thirty five year marriage), and he restored his strong unwavering faith. Cash went through much of the ‘70s on a self-righteous cloud, having associated himself with evangelists such as Billy Graham, turned his shows into gospel performances where he encouraged people to accept Jesus Christ and judged the rampant display of sexuality and violence in the nation. Cash said in the ‘90s that, although his faith remained as strong as ever and many of his songs expressed this, his attitudes towards events had changes and he found his views from the ‘70s were overzealousness distasteful, having learned to respect that people should have their own

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