Is John D Rockefeller's Personification Of The American Dream

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Bradley Jordan Collet IDIS 330-930 Book Review John D Rockefeller was the ultimate personification of the American dream. He started life with almost nothing and ended with almost everything. In Ron Chernow’s Biography, Titan: the Life of John D Rockefeller Sr, Chernow paints a vivid picture of the oil tycoons childhood life, young adult life and finally his life up until his death and the age of ninety-eight. This biography reads very much like a narrative; with numerous stories and accounts given by Rockefellers family and closest friends. This biography not only illustrates John D Rockefeller’s life but also the time period that they lived in. This provides the reader with a detailed view as to why John D Rockefeller may have made some of the decisions he did. Chernow is able to…show more content…
Over the course of Rockefellers life, he donated over $530 million to various organizations. Some estimates say that in today’s money that $530 million has the spending power of well over $100 billion. Rockefeller was devoutly Cristian and practiced his belief fanatically. Chernow explains that Rockefeller believed that he was on a mission sent from God, rescuing the sinful business men and their evil business practices. This mindset allowed Rockefeller to justify almost every business practice that he performed, whether it be ethical or non-ethical. There was a different side to Rockefeller that Chernow was able to explain through heartwarming stories from Rockefeller’s wife and children. Rockefeller was extremely found of spending time with his children. He spent vast amounts of money for his children’s enjoyment. At one point Rockefeller dammed the streams on his property so that his children could swim and play whenever they wanted. Rockefellers wife described him as a loving and religious man who excelled at being a father and

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