How Did Cecil B. Demille Impact The World

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Throughout history of mankind, many memorable people are the cause of the way our environment is and functions across the world. Without Cecil B. DeMille, our society would be different; the way we live today wouldn’t be the same: some technologies wouldn’t be invented, and full-length films would be created much later in their mankind. Hollywood is now known to be the biggest film center in the United States, mostly thanks to Cecil B. DeMille and his co-workers/long term friends. Cecil B. DeMille is a great example of Leadership and Legacy because of him and his co-workers, their determination has created something more than what they were expecting and now Hollywood is the biggest film center in the U.S. Cecil’s parents had a big impact in how he became to finding his passion in film making. He was born in Ashfield, MA on August 12, 1881.When he was a child, his father was a professor at Columbia University and was a minister in a church. His mother managed the DeMille Play Company and directed and was a stage manager for numbers of shows with the help of Cecil. Later on in life, he attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts after he dropped out of Military School. He grew up in an environment where there was something having to deal with the arts of film making wherever he went.…show more content…
DeMille has significance in our history. As a child, Cecil enjoyed acting and he also was the maker of the movie, “The Squaw Man” in 1914. “The Squaw Man” was the first important full-length motion picture made in Hollywood according to Fritzi Kramer. If Cecil B. DeMille did not continue to make his movie, not going onto a train to find the perfect location, Hollywood, if he did not do anything he had done, Hollywood would not be the same; it would most likely have been created hundreds of years later, more than likely not have the same name and many things would be the same in the city we know as,

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