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The False Perception of Control in Relationships When discussing intimate relationships in the 21st century, generally, people ask the question of “who is the man in the relationship?” as a way to understand who is the most dominate of the two. In “Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare the question of dominance in a relationship may seem obvious as the Italian Renaissance setting of the play, alludes to a male dominated society that objectifies women, however the character of Katherina defines otherwise. Katherina’s character throughout the play defines herself as someone who does not want to give up her independence for a submissive relationship but ultimately marries a man named Petruchio. Their relationship by the 21st century standards could go either way on the perception of who is in control, as Petruchio claims Kathernia will “yield” to him as he “…rough and woo not like a babe” (Shakespeare 212). When looking at the standards in a 21st century United States, would this then constitute that Petruchio as the dominant one in the relationship or reveal a greater truth that neither has full control of the other in the relationship, thus revealing a false perception of control?…show more content…
As the reader, I at first saw Kathernia as the one in control of their newly formed marriage even after her submission, however when Petruchio is able to fetch Kathernia at a moments notice to prove her submission I came to the conclusion that their marriage was at a “Submissive compromise” at the dominance of Petruchio. In all, though the interpretation of Petruchio and Katherina’s marriage has multiple lenses of interpretation depending on the period of time and culture for which one lives

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