Elizabeth Zinser's Argument

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The key problem addressed in the video was that the students at Gallaudet University felt the school needed a deaf president to represent them. The Board of Trustees had hired a Hearing teacher, named Elizabeth Zinser, because they believed she was more qualified. The students could not understand how she was more qualified than the people running that was deaf. The purpose of the video was to inform people of the events that took place that made a huge change in the deaf community. The video was used to inform the people watching the events that took place for a whole week when a hearing president was told. The video was used to describe what took place that people just talking about it could not get across. The Board of Trustees felt Elizabeth Zinser was more qualified to be the president of Gallaudet University. This can been seen in the video when Jane Spillman, chair of the Board of Trustees, states zinser was chosen because she is a “very talented educator” (Gallaudet University 1988). The assumption that Zinser was the best…show more content…
It resembles how the African Americans protested, such as Martin Luther King Jr., to get heard about being treated equally. At Gallaudet, the Deaf community wanted to be compared fairly to the hearing community. In the Civil Rights Movement, the African Americans wanted to be compared fairly to the Caucasian community. They both wanted be allowed to be represented just like everyone and not have a different community look at them like everything they will do will be a fail. In both cases, the two communities protested peacefully. They used their rights as an American citizen to protest as long as it does not break the law. The students at Gallaudet University held signs and signed their beliefs, and block the entrance ways. The African Americans held signs and chanted down the street. Neither of the protests was illegial and brought harm to

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