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In this chapter the Gary Althen explain to the people from other culture, American way of politics. According to the author, Americans try to avoid politics in their conversation with others so most people from other culture have the view that U.S Americans do not concern about politics. Although, most Americans have negative minded in politics due the bad behavior some of politicians shown as leaders, Americans are pleased with their political system. U.S Americans believe their political system is the best since it gives them individual liberty which people from other countries do not get. In addition American political system is in the form of decentralization, where by power and responsibilities are not only in the hand of the national government. The states and local governments have power and responsibilities to a certain point. Government administration departments have independent in their dealings, immigration issues are deal only by Department of Home land Security. Americans have the…show more content…
Though some people go unpunished when they violate the law, but Americans think rule of law is controlling. Another idea, is ‘’compromise’’ (p.68), where by political agreement are resolve through debate. Fully grown Americans want differences to settle through concessions. While Americans sees compromise settlement as good, other people think it is not the best way solve differences as its eliminate a person point of view. The third idea is politics is distinct from people other life activities. American can decide vote or not vote in election without violating any law. People from other country like Peruvian Mario Vargas Liosa, do not agree to American idea. He quoted that “politics is everything and everything is politics.”(p.69) meaning politics cannot be separated from life

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