Argument Against Columbus Day

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Everyone, at some age, reluctantly celebrates an event or occasion. This could include a man celebrating a wicked mother in law’s birthday or maybe a kid going to a birthday party just because parents make him. Another example of a celebration like this is Columbus Day. Though some might not realize yet, Columbus Day should not be celebrated for multiple reasons. Columbus was not the first person to experience the Americas and he looked to enslave and exploit the natives. There are many reports that state Columbus was not the first person to arrive in the Americas. Kids learn that the first person to brave the “ocean blue” and see the Americas was Columbus in 1492. In reality, British fisherman and Vikings had voyaged to the area long before Columbus. With Columbus not being first, his voyage is much less…show more content…
Columbus discovered gold, which has always been a respected and valuable find. Although Columbus showed he had accomplished his goal in this discovery, his methods of obtaining gold were horrid. It is plain and simple: The Europeans swindled the natives out of their gold. The natives were ignorant and traded gold for shiny glass or broken pottery. Columbus and his men knew what they were doing was dishonest, but continued anyway. Some historians say that Columbus’ arrival benefitted the Indians with increased technology and crops. These historians forget the most significant thing he brought though – which would be disease. The Indians suffered greatly because of this with some populations being completely wiped out. This introduction of disease has outlasted Columbus because it can be thanked for the little amount of Native American ancestry left. Also, it cannot be forgotten that the Europeans enslaved Indians for a period of time. Columbus’ actions towards the native population contribute to why there should not be a holiday for

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