Jim Crow Laws In The Reconstruction Era

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African american slavery went on for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, until Abraham Lincoln became president in 1860. Lincoln believed that slavery was a wrongful act and all men should be treated equally. Lincoln made the 13th amendment come into play which allowed no man or women to be enslaved ; Lincoln also passed the Emancipation Proclamation which allowed african american men to join the army. Lincoln was soon assassinated so the reconstruction era from the civil war was not headed into a right direction. The Compromise of 1877 ended Lincoln's reconstruction era. This brought a new problem to face for the United States and this problem is known as “Jim Crow laws”. The name “Jim Crow” was a character made by a white man which he used for…show more content…
Jim Crow was more so heavy in the southern states rather than the northern states ,but Jim Crow affected the whole United states it was just worst in the southern states. Jim Crow laws in some cases were called “black codes”. Black codes were laws that restricted the african americans community freedom and their right to do certain things, which were the same thing as Jim Crow laws. During the Jim Crow era the african americans had the broke and beat down things, while the whites had the nice and higher quality things. Whites had the better schools and restaurants, while the black community were stuck with the lower education and the lower style restaurants. These laws made whites superior rather than everyone being equal. During this era, white supremacy groups started and other terrible groups. One of the groups were called the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) . The Klu Klux Klan would go around and lynch black men or white men who they feel have violated the segregation laws or felt as if they were doing something they were not supposed to. White’s would be lynched if the Klan felt as if they were trying to help the black community in
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