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The civil war ended in 1865 an Era began in the United States known as the Reconstruction Era. The reason Reconstruction began was because now that the former slaves gained freedom. They wanted equal rights and to get jobs and get educated. Congress had to decide whether they would re-admit the South into the Union. President Abraham Lincoln wanted to re-admit the South into the Union as soon as possible he created the Ten Percent Plan. It was very lenient on the former Confederates. Another Reconstruction plan was named the Wade Davis bill which was harsh on the Confederate states. After President Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Andrew Johnson took the position of President of the United States. He was a Democrat who also…show more content…
Also to make sure that the Blacks couldn't vote they came up with poll taxes and literacy test. The Black Codes was a way for the white Southerners to regulate the freedoms of blacks.The Black Codes stated that blacks could not vote.Blacks were forbidden to marry whites. Blacks could not possess any weapons and etc… So they were defenseless.In the text boxes on Document 3 it states, “any free negroes over 18 with no work shall be convicted…..fined and improsined…[If the fine is not paid,the sheriff will]hire out [that person] to any person who will, for the shortest period of service, pay said fine...and all [court] costs.” This piece of text means that if a black person over the age of 18 did not have a job they would be fined and or arrested and a person could pay their fine to the court and that black person would have to pay off the the fine by working of the fine this was a way for white people to not have to pay black people for their work.The Ku Klux Klan where a white supremacy group that used terror tactics. In the illustration on Document 4 you can see that whites used violence on black people. In the illustration a black man is standing right in the middle of to white men and they have two guns pointed to his head and he has a freightened face on.The poll tax required voters to pay a fee to vote (this prevented poor blacks from voting). Most…show more content…
Financial issues surfaced and Northerners started losing interest in Reconstruction. Due to there being rumors about corruption scandals going on in Grants cabinet so citizen started to stop voting for Republicans and many people did not agree with the amnesty act .Many people believed that the South should have been punished more than they were. Since people stopped voting for Republicans it gave Democrats a chance to gain power in congress. Since there was a financial issue occurring in United States Northerners stopped worrying about getting rights and equality for black people and they were worrying about the amount of money they had. The Election of 1876 and the Compromise of 1877 ended because when Rutherford Hayes was elected into office he promised to put a Southern Democrat into his executive cabinet and he agreed to remove all the Federal troops from the South. On the timeline on Document 6 it shows states, “Financial panic and depression become main concerns of American people.” It also says, “Rumors of corruption surface in president Grant’s administration.This shows why people stopped voting for the Republicans. It states, “President Hayes removes the last federal troops from the Southern states.” This timeline also states, “ Democrats gain control of the U.S. Senate and House.” The Reconstruction Era ended for a couple reasons but mostly

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