Research Paper On African Americans After Reconstruction

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Daniel Derraik 8-1 Writing The End of Reconstruction Imagine fighting hard to gain something that had been taken away from you for a long time, only for it to be taken away from you again later on. This is how the African Americans felt after the end of Reconstruction. They had suffered from slavery for decades, but after the Civil War, which was "the bloodiest conflict the United States has ever fought," they finally started to gain rights, like the right to vote (Davidson, 537). Freedom did not come easily for slaves in America, but during the Reconstruction, that began to change. Sadly, after the Reconstruction era, a process to "bring the North and South together again," African Americans began to lose their rights once more (Davidson,…show more content…
The Reconstruction's end affected the South in many ways; African Americans began losing rights, Democrats began to regain control over Republicans, and angry whites and the KKK wreaked havoc on African Americans, scaring them away from voting. During the Reconstruction era, the Civil Rights Act of 1866 was passed, which "granted citizenship rights to African Americans and guaranteed the civil rights of all people except for Native Americans (Davidson, 553)." Basically, this meant that black people had the same rights as white people. They had finally gained the rights they had long been fighting for. Unfortunately, 10 years later after the election of 1876, newly elected president Rutherford B. Hayes, a Republican who'd secretly made a deal with the Democrats, ended Reconstruction. Troops placed in the South to enforce the laws for Reconstruction were removed, which meant that African

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