Jealousy On Religion

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“Doesn’t God have SUCH a wonderful sense of humor?” exclaimed the pastor of my church as the congregation murmured in agreement. At these words, my wandering thoughts quickly jerked back to the sermon. “Did the pastor seriously say that?” I wondered while shaking my head. To me, words such as "powerful" and "majestic" defined the ruler of the universe more succinctly than "funny" did, so I scoffed at the mere thought of God as a comedian. However, just like my pastor and church already figured out, God clearly does possess a unique sense of humor. This summer, he decided to prove it to me by teaching me to let go of my negativity and jealousy in a humorous way. God first taught me to trust his ways completely. This summer, I attended summer…show more content…
Five minutes home changed my mind. After hugging my parents, I opened my mouth to speak to Katie, but my supersonic twin senses spotted a glint of news in her eyes. "Spill!” I exclaimed. Hesitating briefly, she soon acquiesced and explained how a boy had expressed his affection for her. As she talked, her eyes shining and hands gesturing widely, I felt the familiar tinge of jealousy slithering through me again. Opening my mouth to spew a rude comment, I remembered last night’s events, quickly clamped my jaw shut, and laughed. Not only did I feel jealous, but I had also begun to speak pejoratively towards my sister. My internal monologue sounded something like, "Very funny, God. I've been home for minutes and You've already called me out on my promise. Silly me for thinking You wouldn’t test me, but You couldn’t have made it easier? You just had to use my sister to make me jealous didn’t you? Ha, You're hilarious!” "Elisabeth, Elisabeth! Aren’t you gonna say something?" Katie’s apprehensive voice pierced through my thoughts. "Yeah sorry," I replied smiling, “I'm so excited for you!" Right then and there, I understood that my character still needed major repairs and my temptations would continue, but I resolved to trust God, listen to Him, and work everyday to carry out His humorous lesson in my

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