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I have a dream, a dream that one day this nation will excel into a new age. Throughout time, there has been numerous reports and documents that specify wars were it was about different religion and race. In many cases there are reports about the common peasants revolting for unfair treatment. America is a nation that has few outbreaks of violence. America could be more peaceful if the tolerance for each other was instilled in everyone. Because with tolerance of each other through race,religion, and jealousy. We could live in a more utopian society. With that many wars have been fought throughout history. Many of these wars were led because of the diversity of race. Many of these acts led to the entire extermination of people in an area. For…show more content…
Looking back in time when Jewish,Muslim, and christianity were all born. All three religions came from the same city or region. But they all have little tolerance for each other, both in the past and even today. When historians refer back to history. They can see that when the Muslims empire was expanding. They forced non-muslims to either pay a fine or convert. Otherwise the victim had to pay in blood. Now christians have their faults too. Like for example on August 5, 2005 a white christian extremist killed six sikh worshippers outside of their temple. Even back in world war two. Hitler used stereotypes for the Jewish community to fuel a hatred for them in Germany. These acts are all unjustifiable and was just out of line. All of these acts were wrong and if all of them had tolerance for each other, people’s lives could have been spared and who knows. They might have been the next Albert Einstein or Bill…show more content…
Is to suppress the feeling within all of us. Jealousy helps separate people. Many friend who might have been best friends could become enemies or rivals because they of jealousy. If both people could tolerate each other's own personal stuff. People who let this emotion set in change their view on an individual and in some extreme cases break the laws. Crimes as in murder or property damage could be avoidable. Wars would have been prevented. Just like when ancient Athens and Sparta went to war in the Peloponnesian war. This war began with Athens taking the money made by the colonies in Aegean sea and the Asia minor and using the cash to help fund their own infrastructure. This money was intended to go to the whole Delian league. Sparta became jealous and declared war on Athens. Of course Athens played a role in the cause, but the fact is that Sparta became jealous and exhausted their own army just to make Athens

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