The Columbian Exchange

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American Republic Mid Term Part A, Question 1: The time period in which cultural exchange between Native Americans and Europeans was taking place is know as the Columbian Exchange. The Columbian Exchange altered the lives of these two vastly different cultures. They were adopting new ways of living from one another by the exchange of plants, animals, technology and diseases. Both the Native Americans and Europeans were effected in many different ways. They where able to make advancements in many different aspects of life such as agricultural production, evolution of welfare, and education. When looking at the more negative side of the Columbian Exchange, it is hard to avoid the very high mortality rate due to the exhange of disease.…show more content…
Starting with a couple of young accusers, Salem began to kill and imprision dozens of towns people they believed to be parttaking in witch craft. When thinking about all of the differences within the town, the one person who embodies all the differnces is Tituba, Samuel Parris' Indian slave. Her culture, economic status, religion, and social status are all very differnt from many others in the town of Salem. It is very clear that Tituba's economic status was not like many in the town of Salem. She was a slave. When it comes to the economic totum pole, she was arguably the lowest of them all. She was also the first to be accused of witch craft. This may have very well been because she so low economically. Not only her but, Sarah Good and Sarah Obsurn where also among the first to be accused and they were also both of very low ranking economically. Another aspect that lead to Tituba being accused of witch craft had to do with her culture and history from her previous home, Barbados. Samuel Parris' daughter, Betty, and her cousin, Abigail, told stories of how Tituba used to practice voodoo and would tell them about their future. Because the towns people's religion saw this as Devil's work, Tituba was quickly sought after as a known…show more content…
The Northwest Ordinance was able to established a government for the Northwest Territory, create a process for admitting a new state to the Union, and it also stated that the new state would be equal to the orginal thirteen states. Along with that, it outlawed slavery and granted citizens civil and religious liberty. This document forshadowed how territorial expansion and slavery would be intertwind in the future. Because of this document, there was a system established for the expansion of the Untited States all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Without the many parts that make up this document, America would not have been form the same. Without this ordinance, slavery would have continued to be legal, potentially altering the rights of all African Americans today. It is also possible that the new states could have had more or less power. Creating uneven balance of power and potentially altering how they were represented as a state. All of the different parts of this document worked together to lead us to the United States we live in

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