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“Raging Bull” is a classic movie that perfectly exhibits many of the different concepts learned in class this trimester. Jake LaMotta is an Italian boxer whom the audience watches as he goes through his highs and lows in both his private life and boxing career. The director, Martin Scorsese, executed the film using specific techniques that helped illustrate the multiple themes of the movie. Combining many concepts from class with the special film techniques exercised by Scorsese, a masterpiece was corrected. One major theme in “Raging Bull” is jealousy, which recurs many times in both LaMotta’s personal life and career. Jealousy is exemplified when he accuses his wife, Vickie, of cheating on him with his own brother. LaMotta has a very hard time controlling his anger and jealousy and the audience watches as he erupts in violent flare-ups several times throughout the film. Jealousy and violence go hand in hand during the course of the film. This theme is brought up once again when Vickie commented on the appearance of a fresh boxer that LaMotta was preparing to fight.…show more content…
It read, “the screenplay by Paul Schrader and Mardik Martin is about grand passions- the complex, wild, crazy ones which drive human beings to discover the worst that it is in them” (Brussat). In comparing LaMotta to a raging bull, this statement supports the concept of anti-hero’s in comparison to LaMotta’s character as protagonist. As portrayed in the movie, LaMotta is the ultimate anti-hero. The anti-hero has a subjective definition, as explained in class. LaMotta holds true to the qualities of an anti-hero in multiple ways. LaMotta has human fragilities and is many times disillusioned by

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