Pros And Cons Of Underage Drinking

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Parents why do you believe that allowing young people experiment with alcohol is better than using drugs like heroin, cocaine, marijuana, or ecstasy? Yes, the pervious drugs that are mentioned are illegal, but they all have the same effect as alcohol does on the body and mind. All narcotics are highly addictive just like alcohol and they all have the same result. As a parent, I would never condone my children drinking alcohol. Parents that agreed to provide children with alcohol are setting an example, that it is okay to consume alcohol beverages, not think about the long-term results. Therefore, alcohol contributes to major problems with our children. Alcohol can prevent the brain from developing properly, cause young people to disregard the law that is in place for underage drinking, and put children in danger.…show more content…
Know what you put your child up against before agreeing to an unsafe act. I think parents agree to it in hopes that it will keep an open relationship with their children, but those results come at a price. Your child is still growing, if they are making immature decisions, then they cannot make mature adult decisions when drinking. Yes, your child knows right from wrong, but adding alcohol to the equation can cause havoc in their life. Your child’s brain is still growing and when, allowing them to consume alcohol is tolerable you see no harm. It absorbs in areas of the brain and stops the brain from developing properly. Which will affect their ability to not retain information properly, their memory is affected, and they have a difficult time problem solving. You might see this as not being a vast issue, but these effects can cause irreversible effects that you can never change back to

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