Documentary Summary: The Merchants Of Cool

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Description pays close attention, take notes, research summaryThe Merchants of Cool is a PBS documentary highlighting how advertising agencies use the influence of media on teens in order to effectively market to this hard to reach genre. The teens are filmed in their daily lives and researchers get intimate by going deep into their world, analyzing everything possible, from personal desires, clothing preferences, relationships, and family and social interactions. The teens are interviewed in order to determine what it means to be “cool,” and then the film shows how advertisers go about selling this “cool” to the young consumers who want it. Analysis discover & focus on significant patterns that emerge from description facet Merchants of Cool places an importance on the constant change of cool and studies the conflict between the media and teenagers. Several…show more content…
Is it fair to use these idols to underhandedly market to the youth of America? Are those in the media trying to assist these teens as they profess, or are they just trying to make money off them? Is this really, what teens want or is it nothing more than sex packaged and delivered by advertising companies in the guise of “researching teen culture”? Evaluation The sad fact is the Americas youth is a huge money-making machine. The film provided examples mainly from a male standpoint. By showing differences between both males and females, including a female viewpoint would have a given better-detailed reading on the subject of cool. In addition, it seems the idea of the normal teen is wealthy and has the means to participate in buying cool, but that is not necessarily true. It seems as though the media has fashioned a market of cool in order to make a profit. The wants and desires expressed by teens are simply a reflection of enticing media

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