Jack The Ripper Thesis

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Jack the Ripper was not the first serial killer, but he was the first to appear in a large city with a literate population. He also appeared when there was a large amount of political turmoil. Multiples murders were committed in the Whitechapel area, eleven in total, although one might have been an accident. Several of the murders were committed by the man known as Jack the Ripper. Philip Sugden wrote in his book, The Complete History of Jack the Ripper, “There is no simple answer. In a sentence: at least four, probably six, just possibly eight.” It is generally believed that there were five victims of Jack the Ripper. They were:- Mary Nichols, murdered on 31st August 1888. Annie Chapman, murdered on 8th September 1888. Elizabeth Stride, murdered…show more content…
He and his victim stood facing each other. When she lifted her skirts, the victim's hands were occupied and she was defenseless. The Ripper then seized the woman by her throat and strangled her until she was unconscious. He then lowered her to the ground, her head to his left. No bruising on the back of the victim's heads shows that he lowered their bodies to the ground rather than throwing them or letting them fall. Splatter stains show that the blood pooled beside or under the neck and head of the victim rather than the front which is where the blood would flow if they had been standing up. This method also prevented the killer from being too blood stained. Because he reached over from the victim's right side to cut the left side of her throat, blood flow would have been away from him. The Ripper then made mutilations, still from the victim's right side. No sign of intercourse was ever found nor did the Ripper masturbate over the bodies. Usually he took a piece of the victim's viscera, a common practice by sexual serial killers. In the opinion of most surgeons who examined the bodies, the killer had some degree of anatomical knowledge. In one case he removed a kidney from the front instead of the side, and did no damage to any of the surrounding organs. In another case he removed the uterus with one clean stroke of his knife. Given the time of his crimes, the Ripper must have had some experience in using his

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