The Monster's Body Is A Cultural Body Thesis

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A monster is something that instills fear in an individual or an organization, a monster could be abstract such as an emotion or a policy, and it could also be physical such as Bram Stoker’s fictional vampire character Dracula, a human being or a group of people. One of Cohen’s thesis states that the “The Monster’s body is a cultural body “ One of the various ways Cohen tries to explain this thesis was the use of the metaphor “Like a letter on the page, the monster signifies something other that itself”. How a Monster interacts with its surroundings subtly means other things. Cohen other thesis states that “The monster always escapes” Bram’s Stoker’s Dracula depicts both these thesis. Bram Stoker’s Dracula depicts the monster as a cultural body when Dracula made himself immortal, Dracula made himself immortal when he stabbed the cross and drank the blood that poured out of it, the church is sacred and Dracula desecrated and he renounced God which meant that Dracula’s Christian culture changed the moment he transformed into a monster. Dracula as a Monster signifies a cultural embodiment of an individual that changed his culture to another because Dracula was once a Christian but he became a monster the moment he renounced God and Christianity a culture

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