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Jill and Amelia During the Victorian Era of England (1837-1901) there were many disputes over gender roles and how they applied to women. Amelia Dyer was a trained nurse, baby farmer, and a bright intellectual staying ahead of the police and entering herself into the workhouse or the insane asylum every time the police came close to her. On the other hand we have the ever so famous story of Jack the Ripper, a well-known and feared serial killer haunting the East side of London leaving all wondering who he or she was. Gender roles in the Victorian Era were known to favor men over females, but little did they know that they were underestimating the role of the female in the Victorian intellectual society. Before getting deep into the paper we must first…show more content…
Back in Victorian England a women didn’t really have that many options when it came to ways of making money. Think about it? If women was rich it was usually due to their husbands being well off or due to their father’s businesses’. Say that if the said woman was married to a well off husband and he just somehow died the women would receive none of his assets that was until the Married Women’s Property Act in 1870. Other than that a women could make money being a prostitute, a nurse, a teacher, and finally the best paying of them all a baby farmer. Amelia was a trained nurse taking care of mid wives until she was introduced to Ellen Dane. Amelia Dyer baby farming would make as much as maybe 80 pounds for the baby of rich parents. Now we must ask, would one really be able to swallow his/her beliefs for the sake of making a quick load of money. Obviously Amelia didn’t have a problem with this until it came time for her children to be tried as accessories to her devilish crimes. She quickly wrote notes stating that none knew of her deeds and that they should be acquitted of their

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