Cvs Pharmacy Swot Analysis

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Internal Factor Evaluation Matrix (EFE) CVS Pharmacy KEY INTERNAL FACTORS WEIGHT RATING WEIGHTED SCORE Strengths 1. Pharmacy Services .15 4 0.6 2. Retail Services .15 4 0.6 3. Strong Operating Performance .10 3 .30 4. Strong Presence In Health, Personal and Beauty Products .05 3 .15 5. Geographic Reach. .05 3 .15 Weakness 1. Claims for Payments Involving HHC Programs .15 3 .45 2. Demographic Locations not a large as Walgreens .15 3 .45 3. Law Suits .05 3 .15 4. Armed Robberies .10 2 .20 5. Acquisition Disappointing Outlook .05 1 .05 TOTAL 1.00 3.10 The internal strengths of the pharmaceutical industry are mechanisms that provide quality goods and services and overall excellence to the industry. The internal components…show more content…
It was thought that acquisitions of such companies as Omnicare would be the likely key to growth and beyond for stakeholders and investors but the outlook has brought unsatisfactory achievements. Despite picking up new PBM clienteles and the accumulation of Omnicare the company’s revised guidance didn’t drastically change from last quarter. Although this is the case the company is still optimistic about its profits and growth from recent acquisitions. CVS is looking to make acquisitions with Target’s pharmacy business with hopes to reach more patients. Future success of acquisitions will be able to tell the impact of how the company has adapted to these mergers. Claims for Payment involving HHC Program As mentioned previously CVS has been involved in legal proceeding that could impact the company and drain its financial resources. The company has received subpoenas and civil investigative demands regarding false and improper claims for payments concerning HHC programs. Legal issues as such, pending against the company deters its resources and takes away time and assets from the company’s core issues. Disregarding these issues and failure to defend its company’s name could damage CVS’ image and company profile. Demographic Locations Not as Large as

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