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HISTORY It is believed that the beer making is to be over 10,000 years old. Ancient Egyptians brewed beer about 6000 years ago and many countries used various cereals to brew beer. Egyptians used barley in beer making, Africans used millets, and corn is the USA, Wheat in Iraq and rice in Asia. For many centuries brewer’s heated cereals over open fires which resulted in dark, smoky malt that produced dark beer with a strong flavor. Later in 15th century the brewers introduced hops in the beer making process. The addition of hops gave a unique bitter taste to the beer and protected beer from going sour. The first beer brewed with hops in England was bitter ale. In later years with all the technological developments, many breweries turned to…show more content…
In the brewing process, the malt is extracted from the cereal by addition of hot water which results in the product called wort and the hops are added to hot wort to obtain flavor and bitter taste. It is the n cooled and fermented with the addition of yeast.. INGREDIENTS FOR BEER PRODUCTION The following ingredients are necessary for the production of beer. • Malt It is obtained from cereal. The best cereal for beer making is barley. • Water Water is the major component of beer. The taste and type of water influences the character of beer. • Hops These are specially grown for brewing and the best hops are produced in Kent, Sussex and Worcestershire of Europe. • Sugar Refined sugars are added for fermentation and to add sweetness • Yeast It is a living organism which is essential to fermentation. Yeast helps to convert the sugar into alcohol and release carbon dioxide gas. One of the two types of yeast is used in the beer making process; they are saccharomyees cerevisiae and saccharomyees carlsbergenisis. • Finings These are the brightening agents added to clear and brighten the beer. Isinglass is commonly used fining agent taken from air bladder of various

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