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William Wordsworth as a poet of nature As a poet of Words worth stands supreme he is a worshiper of nature. Nature’s devote or height priest. has love for nature was probably true and more tender, tender that of any other English poet before or since WordsWworth had a fulfuledge philosophy a new and original view of nature words worth believed that the company of nature gives joy to human heart and looked upon nature as exercising a baling influence an sorrows . Woes stricken hearts “Trivedi”. He spiritualized nature and regretted her as splendid moral teacher as the best mother guardian and sure of man and as an elevating influence he communication with nature according to him human being grow up lap of nature are perfect in the every of…show more content…
He is true loves of nature. He is true flows of nature.william words worth had a fullfledged philosophy a new and original view of nature William words worth gave three points about the nature ,nature noted as. He realized that a nature is living personality he believed that there is a divine spirit prevanding all the objects of nature this belief in the divine spirit may be termed as mystical pantheism and fully expressed in intern abbey and many passages in book i and ii of the prelude. William words worth believed that the company of nature gives the joys and pleasure to human hearts.he looked the nature as excise because it she gives relaxes in our mind and…show more content…
Nature is a real love for humanity.william words worth said that we can all learn from nature good , bad, and evil , it means all aspects of life. Nature is a teacher she gives us wisdom , without it life of man is vain and incomplete . he believed in education of man by nature. He is known as preist of nature English potry before William words worth was about the town and drawing room William words worth changed their mind . drew the attention of reader towards skies and stars , rivers and tries , rills and hills. Williamwordsworth says that he had explore in huts where poor people live William words worth used simple language of conversion among middle and poor classes of society, and as a poet he is a mean spekaing to man nature was not ever dead for him, but it is full if breath of . infinite breath. Willliam words worth’s identified nature. And natural objects most imaginative way. He also identified that God and nature as one he wants to tries to search out principal of

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