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Almost every work of literature allude to Shakespeare, in fact it’s hard to find literature that doesn’t alludes to The Bard of Avon in some way. As an example: the movie She’s the Man and the play The Twelfth Night has the same basic plot line. In the play The Twelfth Night, a young woman named Viola has survived a shipwreck, but believes she has lost her brother Sebastian. So, in order to be able to work in the house of Olivia, Viola decides to dress up as a man and takes the name Cesario. A tangled love triangle follows as Viola falls in love with the Duke of Illyria,, who starts to fall in love with Olivia, who starts to fall in love with Cesario, who is actually Viola dressed as a man. She’s the Man follows the same primary story. In…show more content…
The movie Hoodwinked is a remake of Little Red Riding Hood. While both stories has the same characters and setting, Hoodwinked provides a background and a different point of view by putting those characters in different situations from the original fable. Although some jokes in Hoodwinked are slightly ironic towards the original story, the movie also shows an appreciation for the classic. Hoodwinked takes the characters we know from Little Red Riding Hood and gives us a deeper understanding for them and their…show more content…
This storm is big, it’s powerful, and it’s scary, but not in just the physical way. This storm shows the big finale we all knew was coming, it shows that something big is happening, and that it’s going to change everything. And everything does change, nearly every child goes into the light during this storm. And afterwards, all that remains is a light rain dripping on the few left behind. This rain shows a renewal and cleansing for the children, they have been separated from many friends and now have to start a new life. The rain helps them to leave behind the past in order to try to make a better

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