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Young and innocent, and barely out of her teen. Songwriter, performer, singer and pianist Alicia keys manages to top the charts with her profound style of mature soul jazz and hip hop. Some say she can thank Oprah, for her success. Keys appeared on The Oprah Show they day before her album, Song In A Minor, releases. At the following years Grammy, Keys took home five awards- some of which include “Best New Artist” and “Song of The Year” for Fallin’.Not only to mention, her album, Songs In A Minor, went platinum six times in a row. Alicia Keys was born on January 25th, 1981, in New york City, New York. Keys was raised by her mother, since her father had walked out of her life. Alicia’s mother was an actress and had deeply wanted a successful…show more content…
This album speaks to more mature age group. Alicia’s album stands out, because of this. She boards her range to a larger group. A successful one indeed. Her song, Fallin’ speaks to people who have had an experience with love or marriage. The dynamics in her voice pantomimes frustration, anger and curiosity. The lyric from her son Lovin’ U “I would climb the highest mountain to bring it back you better believe”. This quote speaks of remorse. Willingness to complete anything to be given a chance again, to bring back a lost one, a love. Many believe that Alicia chose to had wrote this song, due to her remorse of lost love, or not being able to find love. Keys writes with a passion, and writes about things that affect her or cause her to do better. Her motivation for this album was her life and how she made it to where she was. She says in an interview, “ Why give up before we try?' Another song, I had particularly enjoyed was A Woman's Worth. This song talks about how it doesn’t matter what your man does for others, it’s about what he dies to you. Money doesn’t matter, as long as he treats you right then you’re worth it all. “You could buy me diamonds. You could buy me pearls .Take me on a cruise around the world. Baby you know I'm worth it….Cause baby you know I'm worth it .Wanna please wanna keep wanna treat your woman right .” This quote from the song means

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