Midsummer Night's Dream Journal

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A Midsummer's Night Dream Act Three Journal Hermia and Helena, who at one time were like "two lovely berries moulded on one stem," are now fighting over the love of a man. Here, jealousy has seemed to destroy the bond of friendship. Explain, whether or not it is worth ending a long friendship over a romantic relationship. In the play a Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, the characters of Hermia and Helena find their childhood friendship to the test. They find themselves choosing between a long friendship and a short-lived yet strong romantic relationship. In the beginning of the play, Hermia is in love with Lysander and is also loved by him but as the result of a magical spell, Lysander switches his devotion to…show more content…
Love asked, "Why do you exist when I already exist?" Friendship smiled and said, "To put a smile where you leave tears." I believe that Hermia should not end her friendship with Helena because the bond they have shared since childhood is too precious to lose. Helena and Hermia should stay friends because as friends they can face problems together. When love troubles them they will always have a shoulder to cry on and offer support. A friendship should not be ended because of all of the things that it offers us. Friendship is important because it enriches your life, improves your health, increases your sense of belonging and improves self-worth. Friendship improves your health because it gives you happiness which has an overall positive affect on your well-being. Friendship improves your sense of belonging because when you have someone you can connect with it makes you feel as if you're born. Friendship increase his self-worth because when you're in a friendship you feel important for being you, thus increasing self-worth. Friendships are also important because they add spice to life, you handled faces will keep life interesting. I would not let go of a long friendship because I genuinely care for the person because I have too much to quit now. Hermia and Helena were very close and shared a strong bond as shown in the quote "As if our hands, our side, voices on minds, had been incorporate." (3.2.208-209). The two
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