Is College Worth It Essay

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Is College Really Worth It? Is college worth it? Ask yourself that question: Is college worth it to you? If you answered yes, than this will secure that thought in your head. If you answered no, then it will be beneficial for you to read this.93 percent of college students say that they chose to attend college because of the opportunities it provides. This is very much true, college is all about providing opportunities. Having that college degree can put you so much further ahead in life and give you many more chances than having only a high school diploma. Therefore, college education is definitely worth the cost because it can help you receive greater wealth, get you to the point where you have more security, and can bring your family closer with all it’s benefits. The first major benefit of going to college and graduating, is the potential for greater wealth. For example, studies show that the median weekly earnings for someone with some college but no degree was $712, compared to $1038 for a college graduate. This is almost $17,000 of a difference over the course of a year and there’s an even larger divide for those with less education. (Rotherham, pg.2) Those statistics basically show that college graduates get better jobs that make better money and those jobs are most likely offering further benefits, which widens the…show more content…
These high school students may have not had it then, but if they are wanting to apply to college, they most definitely have the ability to work on these skills and develop them. So really, study skills and work habits are not an excuse. Instead, look at why going to college is worth it. All the benefits of graduating, the more choices you’ll have in life, the many more doors it will open, the more people you’ll meet, the more life experiences you’ll have, and best of all, the knowledge you will
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