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1.Thesis: there is no clear thesis in the essay or the first paragraph. According to the paper, the main idea seems to be the evolution of the zombie. The paper is descriptive and explains the movies without presenting an argument. The paper does not seem to relate to the thesis. The paper speaks of the zombie media in general without any specific argument or thesis. 2. Counter arguments The writer doe does not seem to consider objections on the side of a reader. Some objections to consider might include people who feel that zombie movies are just for fun and have no relationship whatsoever with the real world as the writer supposes. 3. The essay is not well organized. The first paragraph is not a proper introduction but rather introduces…show more content…
I might suggest to the author that there is always another motive behind the fun and horror in the zombie horror movies. The zombies in movies not only represent a monster, but they also represent a certain type of conflict going on within the society. This will imply that there is more to zombies than just fun movies. Zombies embody the social conflicts that are troubling the American society. Zombies are not only some fun or horrible media but portray what is really going on in the real world. The movies scare people, but they are also meant to illustrate the current state of social rage. People are constantly wanting bigger, better and faster services. We turn against each other when we experience disappointment in the traffic, airports, and hospital waiting rooms. Also, the writer can look at the other side of zombie infestations which is also characterized by love and heroism too. As the writer suggests there is always another motive behind the horror, one main one being social unrest. Zombies have become the perfect metaphor for the threats of bad times. They have taken the place of terrorism, financial crises, and pandemics. A zombie infestation can cause massive havoc. Maybe the zombies are not just scary. Finally, the writer needs to consider that maybe we should not enjoy the zombie media at all. The zombies are the modern infantile method to cede

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